A formal family beach portrait with three boys, mom, and dad.  All dressed formally in tuxedos and an evening gown for this fine art photography
Brother and sisters pose for a family portrait in a field of weeds with the natural light in the background.
Family of four sitting on a rock wall in Orange County posing for a formal family portrait.  Organic and natural
Formal family portrait of family of three walking down a dirt road in formal wear.  Fine art photo
three beautiful sister pose for a family portrait at the beach in Orange County

"Shawna is truly the best, and her work is nothing short of perfection. Every time I hire someone to take our family's photos, I'm never completely satisfied with how they turn out....until I had Shawna take our photos. Her skill level and eye for capturing a beautiful moment is incredible, and the shots she gets are just breathtaking. She is also great with kids and is always able to get amazing photos of them. She has a way of capturing natural beauty and has an easygoing and professional way about her. I treasure the photos she has taken of us and could not recommend her enough!" Lacey, San Diego County

Family of five sitting in the sand at San Clemente Beach in orange County California posing for their fine art family portrait.
Portrait of a father holding his baby in his arms.  Arms are covered in tattoos making this photo a piece of fine artististry 
An organic photo of a family of three walking on the beach in Orange County.
Fine art photo of a family walking across a bridge in orange county.  A beautiful beach portrait at San Clemente Beach.
A mother and her four daughters standing in a field in front of a barbed wire fence.  Fine art family portrait.
Grandparents and grandchildren at the beach posing for a family portrait
Family running on the shoreline at the beach for a fine art family portrait.
New born baby photo with baby on a scale.  First family portrait.
Father with child on his shoulders and mother by his side at the beach.  San Clemente Beach orange county beach portrait.
Toddler boy at the beach posing for a beach portrait.  San Clemente California
First father and son portrait.  Baby in the arms of his father

"Shawna is amazing and the only photographer that I use. She has taken many pictures of my family throughout the years- newborn photos of my daughter, Christmas card family pictures, my sister's wedding photos, my sister-in-law's maternity photos, head shots for work and even a grand parent/ grand kids photo shoot. I cherish these pictures! She has a natural ability to capture the right look and is very fun to work with. My husband and kids do not like to take pictures usually but do not mind when Shawna has the camera!" Danielle, Orange County